W. O. W. – Win of the Week

W. O. W. – Win of the Week

All The Leads Reviews & Win of the Week Submissions

Each week we hear success stories from our Subscribers on our Weekly Mastermind Call and we LOVE those but our most successful Subscribers are busy and often cannot make it to our weekly calls so you guys don’t get to hear their stories like we do.  To level the playing field and give everyone a fair chance we have implemented a better system for capturing these stories so you can easily find them and we can ensure everyone has a fair chance to win their choice of rewards: 1) $100 in historical probate leads, or 2) $100 credit toward your next set of probate leads

How To Post Your Win to be Eligible for Win of the Week

We have a diverse customer base so we use three different platforms to capture the W.O.W. entries each week.  You will find links and instructions for each below:

Facebook Page Submission

Google Submission

BBB Submission


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