Probate Mastermind

Weekly Probate Real Estate Mastermind Calls – Open Format Q&A

Every Thursday at 1:00pm (Eastern) we host a Mastermind Zoom call open to all agents, investors, wholesalers, and others interested in Probate Real Estate.  On these calls, we discuss marketing strategies; what to say and when to say it; what’s working best; market trends and anything else that comes up that week.  Coaches and other Masterminds share success stories, best practice tips, and help each other engineer transactions to close deals faster. If you’re looking for motivation, give these calls a listen.

Date: Every Thursday
Time: 1:00 PM (Eastern)

Be A Part of the discussion:

Meeting ID: 850 7898 4676
Dial in Number:(346) 248-7799 Participant ID not required
Zoom Link: AllTheLeads.com/live

Or listen in live:

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Looking for the Role Play Calls? You can find them on our YouTube Channel

About the Podcast: Join the expert coaches from All The Leads mastermind live each week for marketing, sales psychology, deal analysis, transaction engineering, and so much more. Access the Archive


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Probate Mastermind Archive

In November of 2014, we began our series of weekly Mastermind conference calls. We post these calls in our Facebook Mastermind Group, to podcasts, and on our YouTube Channel for you to listen to anytime.