Below are some samples of the various types of mailings we do for our clients. Of course we do the world’s greatest probate mailing campaigns, but we also do a fantastic job on lots of other short run*, personalized and customized direct mail programs. Whether you need something to hand out at an open house, do as a flyer or send postcards, flyers, farming letters, etc., Mailbox Motivator is a one-stop shop for all your custom printing needs at an unbeatable price.


Sending your personalized letter to the personal representatives is a very important step in making the most of your probate opportunities. It introduces you to your prospective clients in a very approachable, no obligating manner. It also lets them know about your website, so that they can visit with your online first before you speak with them, which is more frequently the path people choose. Most importantly, it gives you a perfect reason to follow up to see if they received your letter / card, etc.

You can select your letter from our standard and well-proven letter templates or upload one that you have created from scratch. The Mailbox Motivator order process has been created specifically to allow individual or automated multiple letters to each prospect list, allowing you to customize your mailings as much as you want.

The cost for your direct mail campaign is $1.50 per letter including postage. We’ll customize your letters using your logo or letterhead if you select one of our standard letter templates and we’ll make sure it looks awesome. You’ll just need to make sure if you upload a logo that the image is large (minimum of 3″ wide) and that it’s in a resolution of at least 300 DPI (or greater). We will also keep your letter(s) and setup information on file for future mailings.