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Questions About Education & Training

Education & Training Questions

Q: Is training included in my subscription?

A: Yes, Probate Fast Track Training is available at not cost to all subscribers. You will have access to a full hour of training videos as well as our complete archive of previous weekly Probate Mastermind calls and our Monthly Probate Role Play calls.

Q: What other types of training and education do you offer?

A: We offer our basic Probate Fast Track video training, Weekly Probate Mastermind calls and Monthly Probate Role Play calls for free and the Certified Probate Mastery training for a small fee for those who want to enhance their skills in this important market niche the highest level possible. See full details on each on our Training & Education Page.

Q: Do I need additional training to be successful?

A: Not necessarily. If you watch the Fast Track Videos and implement what we teach you will be successful. However, many of our subscribers do want additional training so they can quickly become the probate expert in their market. For those looking for a higher degree of education and a professional designation we offer Probate Mastery Training. To learn more about this certified option, visit our Training & Education Page.

Q: What is Probate Mastery Training?

A: Probate Mastery is a comprehensive training developed by our owners that allows you to learn from our successes and mistakes. Mastery is a high-level training for business owners who want the quickest and easiest path to success as a probate professional without learning hard lessons on their own. All Probate Mastery graduates earn the Certified Probate Expert designation upon completion. Full details are available on our Training & Education Page..

Q: What ways do you deliver training?

A: We offer live training by phone, or webinar for everything we do and record EVERYTHING so you can always learn on your own time if you can’t attend live sessions. Visit our Training & Education Page to see the available options..

Q: How much do your training programs cost?

A: Visit our Training & Education Page to see the current schedules and pricing for our training.