Cashflow Won’t Support a Probate Campaign Right Now?

The catch 22 in real estate is that it takes money to make money but if you’re just getting started in the business or with a new niche there isn’t always cashflow there to support innovation.  We understand the struggle and we believe strongly that any diligent real estate agent or real estate investor specializing in probate can earn at least 3 times what they spend on marketing in the first 90 days. 

To help you bridge the gap between today’s finances and tomorrow’s closings we suggest these trusted financial partners to offer financing packages for our probate system so you can get started today…not after your next closing check.



When we pay on your Behalf, you control your cash flow. Enjoy more buying power, get the flexibility of paying over time, and get caught up with payables. Click on the Learn More link below for more detail from Behalf or click Pay Now With Behalf if you know the price of your order and you’re ready to get started now.


  • Direct partner of ATL so setup is fast and easy
  • Best option for most who just need a little time to get a campaign up and running
  • Net terms for 30 to 180 days
  • Same day approval and funding
  • 1% to 3% monthly interest

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Pay Now With Behalf


Great rates, fast funding. Apply using the button below without affecting your credit score. No origination fees, no prepayment penalties, no hidden charges.  Click below for more detail from QuickBooks Capital.
  • Apply and get offers from multiple lenders
  • Easy underwriting/approval if you’re a quickbooks user
  • Better for larger business loans

LoanBuilder simplifies and takes the mystery out of applying for a loan that’s right for your business. Wouldn’t you rather spend your time on growing your business?  Click below for more details from LoanBuilder.
  • For business loans $5,000 to $50,000
  • Next day funding
  • 13 to 52 week payback period