Cold-Calling Probate Real Estate Leads: Live Roleplay Training Call #47

Probate Real Estate Cold-Calling: Role Play Training Call #47

Recorded Live on October 16th, 2019

Reminder: Our Role-Play Training Calls are typically the first Wednesday of each month! Our next Role Play call will be November 6th, 2019.  We have our weekly Thursday Mastermind Q&A call tomorrow at 1pm EST, so be sure to join us then!


Today’s Top Cold-Calling Tips:

  • The goal on the phone is to get face-to-face because once you’re there, they won’t meet anyone like you.
  • In especially sensitive situations, most people’s natural instinct is to back off. But remember, these are the people who need your help the most and likely won’t find the same level of service anywhere else.
  • How to be more important than whatever a contact is “in the middle of doing” right now.

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Call Re-cap:

  • 3:54 Minal is getting soft objections such as “Ok, sounds good.. But call us in two weeks.”  What’s the best way to overcome this objection and land a face-to-face appointment now?
  • 9:51 Minal roleplays as the personal representative and Chad plays the Probate Expert.  Objections included:
    • My family friend is helping us with the probate.
    • I’ve been through probate before, so I don’t need help.
    • I get calls for cash offers all day.
    • I want to sell, but it needs work and I don’t want a low-ball cash offer.
    • I don’t want to pay for anything up front.
  • 34:10 Jim notes that, in short, a quick question to always remember is “Do you want to just be getting started in a few months, or already be closing and done with it by then?”
  • 36:09 Jason from Texas reached the son of the personal representative.  The personal representative has also passed away. How should you handle calls with a relative of the personal representative in this situation?
  • 36:56 Chad roleplays as the probate expert and Jason plays the son. Jason’s main objection is that he has no idea what’s happening.  Chad starts by providing instructions for starting the probate process and uses this to establish rapport needed for a permanent relationship.
  • 41:00 Chad also uses the homeowner’s insurance/vacant property trick to ease into a conversation about real estate.
  • 48:59 Gil says ‘I’m having good contact rates at night, so I started calling between 5pm-8pm.  This also means people try to rush me off the phone because they’re in “the middle of something.” They’re always in the middle of something. How do I get over this objection?’  Chad discusses using abruptness and finding creative ways to be worth a timeslot in someone’s busy schedule.
  • 56:35 Chad highlights the difference between rapport and engagement and how to make sure you’re getting both.


Top Training Resources For Cold-Calling Probate Leads:

  1. 3 Things NOT to do When Getting Started With Probate
  2. 3 EASY Ways To Improve Your Cold-Calling Script
  4. Offering Vendor Services Risk-Free While You’re Still Building Your Vendor Network

  5. The Best Script for Cold-Calling Probate Leads
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  8. Truth or Myth: Our Attorney Said We Can’t Sell Until Probate Is Closed!!
  9. Pulling Personal Representatives Out of Probate Quicksand and Getting To The Sale Faster
  10. Chad and Jim’s homeowner’s insurance trick for easing into the real estate conversation, or catching a lead who is about to hang up on you:  with recommendations for Homeowner’s insurance companies here:
  11. Chad often references direct mail to open his calls and keep people on the phone. Learn more about using Direct Mail in conjunction with Cold-Calling:
  12. Chad’s recommendation for sending a Letter of Intent/Purchase Agreement in the mail when you can’t get a time set up in person, or might be struggling to close the gap between the numbers: (which is a follow-up to this conversation:


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In our once-a-month role play calls, real estate agents and investors from around the country join in to role play cold-calling probate leads with coach Chad Corbett.  Learn how to overcome common and not-so-common objections from personal representatives who may be facing some difficult decisions regarding inherited property.  Our approach is to help professionals establish themselves as THE probate specialist in their market(s), providing comprehensive, value-oriented services to clients by working with a network of local vendors to meet any need a prospect has.


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