Mastermind Call 238 – Probate Leads Training with All The Leads

Probate Real Estate Training for Agents and Investors: Mastermind Call #238

August 1, 2019

Today’s big takeaways: What should I do when a client has been taking care of bills for an estate but has not opened probate yet? What’s your best advice for virtual wholesaling with probate leads in different markets? How can I find listings from Medicaid homes? What if a client says “My attorney said I can’t make any decision on property until the probate case is closed?”


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Resources mentioned in this call:

  1. Our Ask The Expert Archive:
    Or the full A.T.E. video playlist on Youtube:
  2. Seller Interview Sheet (A conversational framework to use when making calls)
  3. Here is some great advice for opening your cold-calls without boxing yourself in as JUST an agent:
  4. Full Roleplay Call Archive:
  5. Chad’s Interview on Ty the Flipman’s show:
  6. Seller Net Sheet
  7. How to use the Seller Net Sheet to win a deal with the numbers (instead of disappointing with the numbers):
  8. Advice on winning a listing/deal when there are other investors in the picture:

Call Re-cap

Call Re-cap
7:33 Renee Kische is new and is getting ready to start growing her business.  What advice do you have for networking and getting prepared to start calling my lists when it comes in?  Check out our seller interview sheet and listen to some of our roleplay calls to sharpen your skills. (Resources 2, 3, 4listed above).
14:54 Kwabla is a newcomer who found us through Chad’s interview with Ty the Flipman (Resource 5). He has a client who did not file probate yet, but she has been paying bills.  Chad gives some GREAT advice!
22:26 Erik has a success story! Congratulations! He sent a letter out OVER TWO YEARS AGO! The family kept the letter and recommended Erik’s team to a friend who needed a realtor (the lead wasn’t even probate related). AWESOME!
23:42 Erik also asks: We are getting in the door, then getting turned down because our offer isn’t high enough, but then getting calls back when the other offers fall through! How can I boomerang back from this?  (Resources 6, 7, and 8).
27:45 Erik also asks: Is there anything I should provide to the court to validate my pricing?
33:56 Jim Bernardine is an investor who is looking to tap into this niche deeper.  How can he get started? The research at the courthouse seems like it doesn’t match up with what you guys are pulling. Chad explains how we are able to pull more information.
40:00 Theodore asks if he should set any parameters for proximity.  Is virtual wholesaling possible? Chad discusses some anecdotes and best practice tips.
43:50 Demetrius Daveiga is calling from Virginia.  He is an agent but his team also wholesales.  What is your best opening line for cold calling? (See resources 2, 3, 4 and 9)
47:46 Kenneth Sesley is asking about some specifics on the probate court side of things. How does the overbid process work? How does the bill for the Broker Price Opinion (BPO) get assigned through probate?  Is it true I can’t move forward with selling the property until the estate is closed?
54:50 Ed Flynn has a Win of the Week story!!! Congratulations! He listed a deal and sold it to an investor he works with. He took about a $13k spread! WOO
55:53 Ed also asks: Is there any way to look for prospects who might have Medicaid clawbacks?  Chad recommends networking with Social Workers. This is a great way to connect with the right people without needing any information protected by HIPAA laws.

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The BEST Real Estate Cold-Calling Script for Probate Leads – Tips From the Trainer


In our weekly Probate Mastermind calls, real estate agents, investors, wholesalers and related professionals join All The Leads partners to ask questions and seek advice about different chokepoints they come across while nurturing their probate leads. Today’s call focused on how to approach probate leads as an investor, strategies for how to succeed in competitive markets AND maximize in smaller markets where only a few probate cases are opened each month, creative ideas for establishing relationships with bondsmen and attorneys, and information on both our self-print mailing templates and done-for-you direct mail marketing service.

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