5 Responsibilities of a Probate Executor and How You Can Provide Value as an Expert

What are the Main Responsibilities of a Probate Executor?

1.  Produce a Will for Validation & Filing of Probate

When someone passes away if they had a Last Will & Testament they have died “Testate” and the Personal Representative, or Executor of the estate is typically named in the will along with the other heirs.  If the deceased did not have a Last Will & Testament they have died “Intestate” and upon filing of probate the court will appoint an “Administrator” to carry out the same duties as an Executor.  In this case the estate will be settled according to local law rather than the Will.

Regardless, the first step in either process is to meet with the Probate Clerk in the county where the deceased held residence.  We simply refer to this as “Filing Probate”.  In order to file probate the family member who is administering the estate (soon to be known as the Executor or Administrator) will need to fill out an application or petition, provide a death certificate, provide a valid copy of the Will (if applicable) and a list of family members and heirs (if not as part of the petition).

Upon probate filing the court will schedule a hearing to determine the validity of the Will and to give interested parties an opportunity to object to the Executor or Administrator’s appointment to settle the estate.


Compile a List of Assets & Liabilities & Give Public Notice

Before the initial hearing the person who filed probate is responsible for publishing a legal notice in the local newspaper and notifying each creditor that the estate is being probated.  In order to do this the person administering the estate will need to produce a list of assets and liabilities so they know who the creditors are and if there are sufficient assets in the estate to settle the liabilities.  In some states the court will require appraisal of assets and selling these assets may require court approval.

Compile a List of Heirs

Before the initial hearing, and usually as part of the initial filing, the person administering the estate must produce a list of Beneficiaries named in the Will and Heirs under State Law (those who will inherit if there is not a valid will).  Notice must be given to the heirs prior to the hearing so they have an opportunity to object to the person giving notice being the Executor or Administrator.  Fortunately, this is rare.

Settle All Liabilities

Once notice has been given and the Executor or Administrator has been officially appointed they may open an bank account in the name of the estate using the assets from the estate and begin to settle liabilities.  By this time they should have received creditors’ claims against the estate as a result of the notices sent out.  If there are enough assets to pay these liabilities the Executor can usually settle them without court approval.  If there are not sufficient assets in the estate to settle all of the liabilities the estate is said to be “insolvent” and the court will decide in what order the liabilities shall be paid.  This will vary by state but typically the taxes and probate costs will be paid first followed by the funeral and healthcare costs and lastly the general creditors will get what is left if anything.

Distribute All Assets

Once all liabilities have been paid the estate can be settled and remaining assets may be distributed.  In some states there is a set time that the estate must remain “open” after notice was given to creditors.

Navigating a Probate Sale With Multiple Heirs + Bonus Role Play | Episode #336

Probate Mastermind Episode #336 | Recorded Live on July 15th, 2021.  

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These episodes are recorded as a live Question and Answer Mastermind with participation from agents and investors across the country. Thanks for tuning in, and don’t forget to subscribe for future episodes!

Call Re-cap:

00:00 Introductions

Jim and Bruce share general updates.

6:28 Role Play: Looking For The “No”

Rick and Bruce Role Play a scenario where the PR continues to say he doesn’t need help and isn’t interested in any services.  

20:30 Dealing with Leads on the Do-Not-Call List

Kalia is eager to speak with prospects, but many of her leads are on the DNC list. How can she speak with more people? Bruce advises.

27:29 Navigating A Probate Sale With Multiple Parties Involved

Minal is working on a probate deal that came from a 2-year-old lead. There are 15 heirs involved. The executor does not seem to be taking an active role; another heir seems to be steering the ship and looking to push the real estate sale forward.  How can Minal navigate this?

41:14 Finding a Point Of Contact When A Homeowner is Deceased

Caller is interested in a property that has a judgment against it and might go into foreclosure. It doesn’t appear that probate was ever filed. Who can she contact?

46:28 Zillow and Redfin Offers: Are They Worth It?

Eric doesn’t work with investors often and was curious if institutional buyers would be a good avenue. Bruce advises.
See More: Competition from iBuyers and how to Get Ahead - Probate Real Estate Investing and Wholesaling - YouTube


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Getting Past The Receptionist | Should You Change Your Intro For Recent Date of Death? Episode #333

Probate Mastermind Episode #333 | Recorded Live on June 25th, 2021.  

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These episodes are recorded as a live Question and Answer Mastermind with participation from agents and investors across the country. Thanks for tuning in, and don’t forget to subscribe for future episodes!


Get Probate Leads

Get Certified in Probate

Call Re-cap:

00:00 Introductions

Jim and Bruce share general updates. 

  1. Jim reminds Subscribers about Hybrid Lending with Navigator Capital: Learn More in this video: https://youtu.be/kpkROMh3jmQ or jump to their site 
  2. Bruce shares an update on the ISA service and the bi-weekly management fee.
  3. Bruce shares updates on Probate Foundations.

12:33 Getting Past The Receptionist

Kristin is trying to prospect attorneys and is often reaching their receptionist. What are some tips for getting through the gatekeeper? Bruce and Jim share what's worked before.


23:22 What To Say When The Death Occurred Recently

Rick Wilson is looking for advice on approaching probate leads where the death may have occurred recently.  How should he open these calls?


33:57 Probate In Texas

Tony from New York shares thanks for the weekly calls! He and his partner are working leads in Texas. A lead wants to sell before going through the process. This is possible in Texas (and is called Muniment of Title)


37:56 Pete Double-Ends a Deal Referred by A Probate Contact

Pete shares a win! He is in Denver and double-ended a deal referred to him by a personal representative! He is proof that leading with value first will help you help more people and get more deals under your belt all at the same time.


42:03 Hoarder House With A Reverse Mortgage?!

Caller was able to get a Personal representative out of Probate Quicksand. She leveraged her network to help evaluate the belongings to get the house cleared out. The house is currently listed and has a reverse mortgage. There might be some medical debt as well. What's the best course of action? (Tip: See if your state allows the personal representative to get paid for their time handling the administration of the estate!).


47:25 Buying Personal Property From A Seller

Belinda offers advice on getting money by selling other assets in the property, such as a washer and dryer.


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How To Guide for finding contractors and building your real estate team

How to Find Great Contractors for Your Real Estate Team

How To Guide for finding contractors and building your real estate teamWhether you’re a real estate agent, landlord, fix-and-flipper, or property manager, you’ve probably had that moment where trying to find a good contractor felt like you were trying to find BigFoot.

Unless you get extremely lucky, finding contractors and maintaining working relationships requires a proactive, multi-faceted approach.

I want to get you thinking beyond the usual Craigslist, AngiesList, and blind- trust-falling-into-a-friends’-recommendation strategies that dominate other How-To’s on finding a good contractor. So, here are some tips and ideas to help you find your “contractor unicorn,” and get them onboard with joining your vendor team!


1. The idea of finding that one perfect contractor is inherently flawed.

Plot Twist: There is no unicorn. Moreover, different projects might be best suited for different contractors.

I’ve seen my fair share of real estate professionals treat the identity of their go-to contractor like classified information. They might be worried their favorite contractor will get too busy to take their jobs if everybody else starts contracting them, too.

This is misguided. Exclusivity seems desirable, but it can inhibit success for you and your contractor.

If you don’t have enough work to provide a contractor month-over-month, they need to work with other clients – and those clients very well may be other real estate agents and investors in your market. If you have too many jobs that need to get done, relying on one contractor will be detrimental to your business.

The purpose of building a team is to enable every teammate to do more together than they can alone, so they can grow their individual businesses faster than they would without the rest of the team.

Stop looking for that one perfect contractor, and certainly don’t become that person that tries to keep great contractors from expanding their own business. Understand that having fluid relationships with several contractors can mean more projects get done well and on time, without anyone feeling pressured to burn themselves out or turn down other opportunities to maintain relationships.  Reciprocity is a much stronger glue than exclusivity.

2. Try asking everybody else on your vendor team for recommendations.

Ask your agent and investor colleagues. 

Ask your inspector.  

Ask your electrical guy who they’d recommend for framing.  

Ask property management companies who they keep on speed dial.

The benefit of relying on word-of-mouth referrals from colleagues rather than friends who may have hired a handyman for a one-off job are that your colleagues have likely worked with this person more than once and can speak to the reliability, consistency, and quality of their work.  Also, a smart and earnest contractor will want to keep a good reputation with the person that referred them. The contractor knows the referral relationship could be damaged if they break commitments or perform low-quality work.  

It’s possible you might run into a few colleagues here and there that seem reluctant to connect you with their preferred contractors.  Take this in stride, and move on to the next.


3. Follow the supply chain to find contractors that are actively working.

This used to be a tip few people had heard before: “‘Go to home improvement stores early in the morning to see who is up and ready for action; those are the good guys!” 

But even though this has become a commonly-shared tip in the real estate world, why is it such a good tip?

For one, the contractors heading to pick up materials at the start of the business day are actively working, and are experienced enough to know what they need before heading to the job site.

Another benefit of stopping by home improvement stores is the staff can help point you in the direction of quality contractors.  Staff members will have an idea of the type, quantity, and quality of work their contractor customers do based on their interactions and purchases at the store.

Some stores take it a step further and have partnership programs with contractors that can enhance the service experience of all parties involved. For example, Home Depot’s Contractor’s Page promises the following:

“Should you decide a professional installation from a licensed contractor is the way to go, rest assured knowing The Home Depot stands behind all installation work to make sure the project is completed on time the right way. All independent contractors carry the appropriate licenses and insurance for their areas and undergo thorough screening and background checks before they become a contractor affiliated with The Home Depot.

We stand behind their work and provide at minimum a one-year service warranty on all installations. When we choose a specialty or general contractor for your installation, you’re in good hands.”

In addition to helping you do your due diligence, a program like this can help solidify your client’s confidence and motivation towards hiring a contractor. And if the contractor has a membership discount, they might be able to pay those savings forward :).


4. Ask your friends, not just “WHO” but “HOW” and “WHY.”

In real estate, we love the idea of our friends recommending us any and every time someone mentions anything about buying, selling, or breathing.  

But imagine you’re prospecting for listings/acquisitions and someone tells you, “No thanks, my dogsitter’s brother-in-law just started selling houses. We don’t need any help!”Get recommendations from friends to help find a contractor

Your friends might have a truly great recommendation for you; or they might have misguided faith in who they’re recommending, a misunderstanding of what you’re looking for, or a conscience that compels them to recommend their friends even when they know they might not be the best fit.  

Ask your friend how they know the contractor and why they recommend them, then set proper expectations: Their recommendation may or may not be the best fit for what you’re looking for and may or may not be who you end up contracting this time around, but you are grateful for their insight. 


5. Ask contractors “Is this a job you’d enjoy doing?”

It sounds like I’m suggesting an interview question, but I’m actually suggesting you work this into all of your requests for work on an ongoing basis.

One of the ways an ‘exclusive” relationship with a single contractor can come back to bite you in the butt is that your contractor might feel a strong obligation to take any and every job you give them. They might overcommit in terms of time, resources, experience, and/or skills, even if it’s with the best intentions, because they want to maintain the relationship they have with you.

Something I’ve noticed Chad Corbett does consistently – In meetings, in emails, and in situations that require workflow management – is ask variations of questions like:

 “Is this something you can do?” 

“Is this something you’d like to do?”

“How long do you think something like this would take?”

“Should we outsource/hire additional help for this?”

“Do you know off-hand what this would require, or would it be better to get back to me?”

Such questions prompt people to consider the scope of work in the context of their own schedule and experience, and disrupt their sense of obligation to commit right now just because they don’t want to let you down. If the job is right for them, the commitment will be strong; if the job isn’t right for them, you’ve built a stronger relationship by giving them agency in the decision and preventing a possible let-down.  

Strive towards clear and deliberate communication with your contractor partners. The results will be great.


Put It Into Practice!

Unless you’re a stranger to the All The Leads community and Chad Corbett’s core philosophy in Probate Mastery, you know focusing on people and situations is crucial when building rapport with prospective real estate clients.  Well, it’s just as important when building strong relationships with contractor partners. The contractors you work with, the friends and colleagues that recommend them, the clients who will ultimately choose whether to move forward with home improvement projects or not, and yourself – you’re all people crossing paths in a given situation.  

Instead of setting out to find a contractor partner like it’s an absolute, one-and-done deal, re-imagine it as a dynamic process and commit to being proactive in it. 

Go out there and put it into practice!

Online and Social Media Marketing Updates for Real Estate Agents and Investors - October 2020

October 2020 Updates: Social Media and SEO News For Real Estate Agents and Investors



Weekly Update As Of: 10/13/2020

October 2020 Digital and Social Media Marketing News for Real Estate Agents and Investors


DuckDuckGo Makes Improvements to Map Search

What's New: With DuckDuckGo's new Route Planning feature, users can plan multi-stop trips.  Users will be able to see overviews of possible routes and information like total time and distance of the route.  This feature is privacy-first and currently available for driving and walking routes.

Why this Matters For the Real Estate Community: If you use DuckDuckGo yourself, you can now use the privacy-first search engine to plan appointments, showings, door-knockings, driving for dollars, and other routes you formerly had to give away your location information for.

In addition, if more people start using DuckDuckGo as their primary search engine, you'll have more people to reach through the platform.  If you haven't already, it's probably time to get in on some of DuckDuckGo's daily traffic.


Twitter To Allow Users To Crop Their Image Previews

What's Changing: Currently, image cropping is dictated by an algorithm. Users can not control how an image is displayed within the main newsfeed. Even worse, the preview displayed in the "Compose Tweet" window doesn't match the final news feed display.  Users can't even predict or preview what their image will look like.

Why It Matters for the Real Estate Community: Real Estate Agents and Investors often juggle many hats on social media - As you aim to quickly share valuable content, announcements for your podcast, previews of your new listing, there's nothing helpful about a poorly-cropped image preview.  As Twitter rolls out custom image cropping, you'll be able to create tweets with images that make better impressions and get more engagement.


Google My Business: New Insights For Business Owners

What's Changing: Google is adding new metrics including: detailed search reports, number of people that saw your business page in a search result, Google Maps searches, and how often people clicked your business' contact information through your Google My Business profile.

Why This Matters For The Real Estate Community: Most real estate agents and investors work locally, right? Google My Business is a hyper-local option to get your business displayed at the top of search results page.  If you haven't set up your GMB profile, you're missing out on a huge opportunity to reach people in your neighborhood searching for things like "realtors near me" or "sell my house in [neighborhood name]."


Facebook Brings Updates to Groups

What's Changing: Admins of public Facebook groups will now have the option to allow group discussions to display in users' news feeds.  Also, the 'Groups' tab will now display public groups and content from public groups that match a users' interest.

Why This Matters For The Real Estate Community:  Groups are a great way to connect with your community, professional networks, and even drive reach for your own products and services.    Learn more about how Facebook Groups can fit into a real estate professional's Facebook Marketing Strategy.

[Psst.... All The Leads hosts a Probate Real Estate Mastermind on Facebook!]


Facebook Messenger and Instagram DMs: United At Last

What's Changing: Both platforms are combining their messaging service to provide a cross-platform experience. New features coming with this update will allow users to watch videos together during video chats, set chats to disappear after they've been read, reply in thread-form to a single message within a chat, and more.

Why This Matters For Real Estate Professionals: These features will make it easier and more worthwhile to publish content on Facebook and Instagram (especially video content!).  Also, these features will likely influence consumers to spend more time on each platform, which means more opportunities for content to be discovered.


Google SERP Tip: Leverage Your FAQs!

What To Know: Not only do users click on rich results 58% of the time compared to 41% for non-rich results, but there's a certain type of rich result that really blows the numbers out the water: FAQs! FAQs that appear in rich results have an average click-through rate of 87%.

Why This Matters: People want to know about you, and they want to get that information clearly and concisely.  Having a FAQs page not only puts you in front of more Google Search users, but it also gives you a place to answer questions, build trust, and solidify your credibility quickly without ever having to speak to the person.  Make sure you have a FAQs page (and a FAQs section on any relevant specialty service you offer), and that's it's complete and up-to-date with the questions and answers your prospects are looking for.


Google My Business: Customer Call Logs

What's Changing: Have you ever  called a store or company right from Google Search or Maps? Google is now offering businesses a way to log and respond to missed calls and stay engaged with customers.

What You Need To Do: Next time you sign in to your Google My Business profile, you'll be prompted with a notification about the call history feature.  Click "Try it out," and you'll get a notification from Google as soon as the feature launches.


SearchEngine Journal consistently produces great content for all things digital and social marketing.


....And it's so easy to get lost in good content.


We've curated this list to help you stay up-to-date with the most important things impacting your online real estate marketing strategy without losing track of time.


We recommend following SearchEngine Journal on your favorite channels:

Real Estate Listing and Investing Opportunities through Medicaid Liens - Probate Training

Unexpected Places to Find More Listings and Deals – Medicaid and Social Workers | Probate Leads Training Highlights for Agents, Investors, and Wholesalers

This call is a highlight from Mastermind Call #238, which you can catch in full here: https://youtu.be/DNgQBmIHPh8

Ed Flynn calls in from Georgia (Greater Atlanta Area). He recently scored a HUGE deal and got to help a family put more money in their pockets as well.  The opportunity came from a probate property where the deceased had been a Medicaid recipient.

Ed asks: ‘Is any sort of backdoor to finding more of these Medicaid situations?’

Chad gives an overview of Medicaid asset look-back periods, “claw backs,” and liens, and then offers great advice on finding the professionals worth networking with to find families in probate who are dealing with Medicaid. It’s an opportunity where, if approached from a place of value, could truly become a Blue Ocean for realtors, investors, and wholesalers looking to add a new pillar to their business.

Check it Out!

Don’t forget, when you are able to help a personal representative move forward when they thought they had to wait, you now have a great opportunity to build a bridge with ANY of the other professionals they were working with – Medicaid Planners, Social Workers, Attorneys, etc… Show THEM how you can provide the same success story for their other clients.





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More content:


Connect with Chad Corbett: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chad-corbett/

Interested in Collaborating or Becoming an Affiliate Partner? Contact Katt at katt@alltheleads.com


Probate Leads/Automated Marketing for agents, investors, and wholesalers: Check For Leads In Your County! (954-400-3500)



How to Help A Client File Probate, Get COMPENSATED Through The Estate, and Sell Inherited Property – Probate Real Estate Leads Top Plays and Highlights

VLOG - Tips From The Trainer with Chad Corbett - Direct Mail Marketing Still Has a HUGE ROI in 2019

Mail Marketing Isn’t Dead – Here’s How You Can Bring Your Direct Mail Campaign Back To Life

You Can Still Generate Listings and Investment Deals From Your Leads Through Direct Mail Campaigns!

“No one uses mail anymore.” According to https://thedma.org/marketing-insights/marketing-statistics/direct-mail-statistics/, people responded to direct mail 43% more in 2016 than the year before.  Mail marketing actually trumps the response rate of email, online search, paid search and social media!  As more realtors, investors, and agencies channel their marketing budgets to these latter options, the less effective and more expensive these channels can be.  At the same time, as more and more professionals and companies are using mail marketing less, they are creating a vacuum for you to fill.

And if you can fill that space in a way that integrates digital and social elements with your direct mailing pieces, you’ll be the one people hear about, remember, and trust when they need what you offer most.

THINK: If everyone thinks mail marketing is dead, your letters will have less competition. Take advantage of the great migration from mail to digital and fill both spaces effectively!

How Can I Maximize Response Rates and Results with the Letters/Postcards I Send to Personal Representatives (and any other seller lead)?

In our latest from our Tips From The Trainer vlog series, Chad discusses his own ROI with various direct mailing pieces he has sent to real estate and investment leads through the years – what envelopes, stamps, addresses, and sales copy have worked best time and time again –  and how to get the most out of every lead by integrating your mail marketing with your digital marketing, instead of leaving any lead untapped.


Thanks for watching!



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Why We Use Greeting Card Envelopes for Probate Marketing?

Tips for Writing Effective Yellow Letters


5 Tips for Upping Your Social Media Marketing Game


Vlog: How to BUILD MOTIVATION behind Cash Offers and As-Is Prices by Pairing Real Estate Math and Empathy

Your Roles and Goals as a Probate Expert are the Same.

Excelling with Probate Leads is as simple as helping your clients understand their options and make informed decisions.  The methodology we teach consistently recommends that all real estate professionals are capable of bringing cash-offers to the table, helping a client list a property as-is, and coordinating repairs and vendor services to prepare a property to go up on the MLS at full retail price, whether this is accomplished independently or by referring business to someone in your professional network.

So, you can provide each of these things no problem, and now you’ve got to guide your clients as they make decisions on which route is best for them.  But what should you do if you come across a client who is disheartened by a cash-offer or as-is price estimate that’s lower than they expected, when you know fixing and selling the house at full price isn’t a viable solution either?

Getting past the stigma of a cash-offer

It usually isn’t easy for a homeowner to accept the reality of a cash-offer on a property they have sentimental attachment to.  They don’t often realize the retail price they have in mind for the property would require a significant investment of time, energy, and finances to attain. As the professional, you get to play an important role in helping them understand why and when accepting a cash-offer or selling as-is might be a much better value for their time.

This video will detail how you can use real estate math to close this gap in perception and build motivation with the prices you present to a client, instead of letting the prices be a source of discouragement.

Find our seller net sheet template in our Mastermind Group on Facebook:

Our Mastermind Highlight Reel highlights various top plays from our weekly live (and free!) training calls.
This top play is from Mastermind call #232, which includes greater details on calculating market pricing: https://youtu.be/EdA6OocSiuA

For more tips for increasing acquisition opportunities from probate leads, check out this highlight video: https://youtu.be/QSRZVhUgTfE

For more insight on scripts for cold-calling probate leads, check out our Tips from the Trainer Video – The BEST Real Estate Cold-Calling Script for Probate Leads: https://www.old.alltheleads.com/best-real-estate-cold-calling-script-probate-leads-tips-trainer/

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Ivan Oberon webinar screenshot on the All The Leads Ask The Expert Series.

Fund More Investment and Wholesale Deals by Leveraging Private Money – Ivan Oberon for All The Leads ASK THE EXPERT

Thinking About Taking Your Real Estate Business to the Next Level, But Not Sure How To Fund Your Deals? Ivan Oberon joins us to discuss leveraging private money to provide more options.

In this episode of Ask The Expert, Ivan Oberon joins us to discuss different ways entrepreneurs and the success-minded can become better leaders in their business, personal and financial lives, so that they can continually increase their own value – all without letting funding become a chokepoint.  In addition to offering personal anecdotes and tips for staying motivated, Ivan and Chad also discuss some of their favorite resources for self-motivating success and accountability.



Why You Shouldn’t Let Financial Fears Block You from Success:

Real estate professionals have plenty of hats to choose from – and there is certainly opportunity to find success and create wealth with any of these hats.

However, many real estate professionals feel stuck wearing the same hat they’ve been wearing, believing they “cannot” invest and grow their wealth and financial security because they feel unsure and uneasy about one of two things:

  1. They have not saved up what they think would be the required amount of money to start down a new path, or
  2. They don’t know how or where to invest the funds they do have.
There are plenty of alternatives to waiting until you can do it on your own (or giving up entirely):
You don’t have to have liquid capital if you know your credit options.
You don’t have to go in blind and leave high yields up to luck.
You don’t have to be a landlord to secure your money to real estate.
You don’t need to wait for an opportunity to find you.
The biggest advantage is doing at all, because 99% of people are comfortable wearing the same hat forever.
Research, reach out, ask questions, touch base with lost contacts, and continue to grow your network with like-minded professionals.  The Fortune is in the follow-up!

Interested in one-on-one coaching with Ivan? Get in touch here


About the Expert – Ivan Oberon

Ivan Oberon, Coach, Investor, and Private Money Lender

Ivan Oberon

Ivan Oberon is a Certified Speaker, Coach & Trainer with the John Maxwell Team and a seasoned Real Estate Investor who has participated in nearly 500 transactions. It is his passion to help you reach higher levels of Success, Awareness, Fulfillment, Focus, Inspiration and Financial Freedom and Security in your life!.

Ivan’s journey into Personal Development Speaking and Real Estate Investing began in 2004. The final catalyst, which ignited his passion to pursue this space and to help others do the same, came through a renewed awareness in the aftermath of a devastating divorce.

Filled with purpose to provide for his two daughters and care for his now aging parents Ivan set off into entrepreneurship, Real Estate Investing, Leadership Training and continual Personal Development.

Ivan’s mentors include industry experts such as John Maxwell, Brendon Burchard and Tony Robins. Ivan has been featured in Private Lender Magazine, Bloomberg Radio, Community Investor Magazine, Realty 411 Magazine and Today’s Practice Magazine.

Check out Ivan’s 31 Things You Should Know About Me.


Connect with Ivan:

Ivan Oberon’s LinkedIn

Ivan Oberon’s Facebook

Ivan Oberon’s YouTube Channel




Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more Ask The Expert episodes!



Check Your County for Probate Leads




Why Every Investor Should Have a Real Estate License, and Every Agent Should Understand Real Estate Investing (or Be an Investor Themselves)