Jim Sullivan (VP – Sales)

jimheadJim began his Real Estate career in 1974 at the age of 21 and by the time he was 24, he was rated in the top 1% of a large franchise company. During his 30+ years as an agent Jim has sold over 2,000 properties.  Jim has also coached over 500 Real Estate agents, teaching them how to achieve excellence; how to eliminate all unnecessary expenses and distractions and become more efficient and organized.  He then took the skills and techniques he had learned over the years and applied them to investing, buying and selling hundreds of properties in  South Florida.

When the real estate meltdown occurred,  Jim and his wife were forced to short sell many of their own properties. After getting short sale approvals on many of his properties, Jim realized that he had actually created a highly efficient method of getting these sales approved and closed.  Starting in 2006, he and his wife built a specialized processing team to help other financially strapped homeowners get their short sales approved. Naturally, this service was in high demand with Realtors.  This evolved into a very successful short sale company, Nationwide Short Sale Solutions. This company does all of the work on the short sale and takes none of the Realtor’s or mortgage broker’s commission. Jim and his wife, Pam and her team have facilitated over 2000 short sales. They are currently facilitating short sales in 48 states.

While attending real estate conventions over the last 8 years, Jim noticed all the lead generation companies popping up and kept hearing agents complain about paying for expensive buyer leads. He realized how valuable it would be to Real Estate agents to have a quality resource for highly motivated seller leads. After some in-depth marketing research, he gathered together an incredible team of partners and All The Leads was born.