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What Are Transitional Leads?

IF YOU WERE THE VERY NEXT PERSON A PROSPECTIVE CLIENT SPOKE TO when they decided to consider selling or buying real estate ... you'd certainly experience a huge growth in your income. We refer to these opportunities as TRANSITIONAL LEADS. They include PROBATE LEADS, and many other categories such as DIVORCE, FORECLOSURE, MARRIAGE, RELOCATION, CHILDBIRTH, EMPTY-NESTING and others. These events disrupt the lives of those affected. ALL THE LEADS puts you in EXACTLY THE RIGHT PLACE at EXACTLY THE RIGHT TIME, armed with ALL THE RIGHT TOOLS to enable you to offer your expertise in these challenging situations. We'll show you how to easily convert the laser-targeted, highly motivated sellers and buyers we've lined up for you into dedicated clients who constantly sing your praises.

We all know that leads are like water. Without water, you cannot survive ... much less thrive and without leads, your career will also dry up. Truthfully, unless you've got a steady, predictable pipeline of new customers, from sources such as probate leads that put you in touch with sellers who MUST sell a property to complete the probate, you might as well spend your time updating your Facebook page all day 🙂

We work tirelessly every day on behalf of our subscribers, gathering the most accurate and freshest information about HIGHLY MOTIVATED SELLERS & BUYERS IN TRANSITION. Our goal is to keep your probate leads pipeline full.

We enable you to focus all your time and energy with maximum intensity on what you do best - talking to clients & prospects and listing & selling - while leaving your probate leads marketing to us!

Our company has a simple mission. IF YOU MAKE MONEY, WE'LL MAKE MONEY! We know that meeting our subscribers needs is always the most important part of that equation.

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